My husband, Jack, has the smallest little penis I have ever seen in my life. I don't even fuck him anymore... it's THAT small LOL. Recently, I've been inviting my girlfriends over for special surprises. They get all excited thinking about what it could be. Then when they show up and see that their surprise is that they have to jerk, suck and fuck my husband's pathetic little penis, they are not very happy. But we have fun anyway, laughing at Jack and his dick and talking all about what kinds of big dicks we like to fuck, and i'll tell you one thing. It's Definitely NOT JACK!!!


Wow...No wonder you never dated in high school Jack.

I invited my friend Leah over for some fun. Jack had been talking about her the whole week and he was so excited to see her because she's a pornstar!...but when she saw his tiny pathetic little dick...She couldn't stop laughing.
She sat on his face and told him that since she wasn't going to get any pleasure from him little weiner that he'd have to please her with his tongue. His tongue didn't do much but it was a ton more than he could do with his small penis.


i'm a little confused, is it shriveled up because you’re cold?

Teddi is one of my friend who i thought would have a really fun time with jack, although she wasn't too happy when she saw what little he was working with, she ended up having fun with it. She laughed at him and made fun of his little peepee. I think all those tattoos
were intimidating to jack. Because the poor guy just lays there as she takes control..Well she definitely tore him apart, eventually she was able to make his pathetic excuse for a dick, cum.. it wasn't much of a load, but she was glad it was over with. This was a fun shoot, I hope she'll return for another run at Jack. :o_)



So how does it feel to have a pacifier for a penis Jack?

Jack had the opportunity of a lifetime when I had Jada Stevens over to play with him.  He has seen so many movies with her in them and he's totally infatuated.  Well he had no problem getting hard, but when Jada realized his penis wasn't going
to get any bigger, she wasn't too happy.  She sucked his little dick just like she does in the movies...except she didn't gag or deep throat it.  How could she?!?!?  It's too freakin' small!  She got on top of him and tried hard to make the best of the SMALL situation, but it wasn't doing much for her at all.  But god bless Jack.  He was having a ball and even came while she was fucking him.


How do you aim when you pee Jack? you must dribble...LOL

When my friend came over, she thought she was getting her first really big cock instead she got her first really really small penis. After she saw how small Jack was, she pulled our the measuring tape and measure Jack's penis.
She said her has never seen a small dick like that in her life, that's surprising LOL. She can even barely put her hands around it when she jerks him off, so she had to use her thumbs and her index finger to get him off. She jerks and laughs at Jack, he was so embarrassed he had known her for a long time. She talks about how its not really a penis but a clit and how we should dress him up like a bitch. Amazed that Jack could finally cum, she watches how his pathetic penis shrinks back into its hole, poor Jack LOL...


I hope your parents sued the doctor who circumcised you!

My friend said she hasn't been laid in a while. She was telling me how she craves a big hard cock. I told her I could hook her up. So she comes over and there is pathetic Jack. She is so excited she grabs him thru the towel and
realizes she is getting caught short. She laughs at his small penis and this is where it gets good. She starts trying to stroke the little dick, then takes off her earring and comparejack's dick with it. The earring is bigger of course.

umm...where is the extra, extra small condom, umm.. Got it!

Bailey is a friend of mine who came over to see Jack.  She has a super hot body.  I knew Jack was gonna LOVE her.  She stripped for him and sucked his little dick to get it nice and hard.  It didnt' get bigger, but it did get harder. Bailey tried fucking Jack for a while but she
wasn't getting any pleasure out of it, so she suggested he eat her pussy. He did.  Jack tried really hard to satisfy her with his tongue cuz we all knew his pathetic excuse for a cock wasn't going to. Bailey decided to try fucking him again.  She rode him like a cowgirl but his tiny pecker kept popping out.  When she laid on her back so Jack could fuck her missionary style, she couldn't even feel it!  Jack finally came after she was stroking his little wiener for a while.  When she saw how little he came, she was annoyed and left.  PEACE!


I can't give you a handjob, how about a thumbjob?

Yesterday was one of the rare times my neighbor Elle was home. She is a very hot milf and she is a big cock lover. So I told her I had a surprise for her and it was time to laugh at Jack. . She was shocked his penis was so small and made fun of it the
whole time she was jerking him. She has huge tits and she compares his little penis to them, of course they are nothing in comparison to jack little wee wee, it's so funny watching Jack just laying there getting humiliated by this sexy milf.


Wow... I’ve smoked joints thicker and longer than this.

Talk about some shit talking!  Sierra was really letting Jack have it.  She didn't hold back at all.  Telling him how small his dick was and how she couldn't feel itJack got a little hardon and then lost it.  He couldn't
even stay hard and fuck her hot Latina ass.  Sierra thought he and his little dick was the most pathetic thing she'd ever seen.  She eventually got bored and left.


Below Are The Ladies That've Got A Taste Of Jack!!!

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